Culture & Arts Fund

Culture & Arts Fund

The Culture and Arts Fund aims to support the projects and organizational development of culture and arts organisations and civil society organisations that use culture and arts related activities as a means.  Increasing access to culture and arts, developing participatory methods, access to arts by disadvantaged groups, cultural literacy and advocacy in the field of culture and arts are expected to be at least one of the principles for the applicants and/or their projects.

We have supported the following charities to date:

Altyazı Cinema Association (Altyazı Sinema Derneği)

Altyazı Cinema Association aims to re-strengthen independent cinemaʼs ability to occupy a critical space in the cultural politics of Turkey, where media and freedom of expression are at significant stake. Moreover, the association aims to increase the visibility of filmmakers at risk and who have limited access to exhibition spaces through publicity and knowledge production with its newly implemented platform Altyazı Fasikül: Özgür Sinema. Altyazı has also been a crucial actor in establishing ties between industry professionals, independent filmmakers, small film communities, video activists, anti-censorship and human rights campaigners, and scholars and aims to continue these efforts with further projects and collaborations.

Yucel Culture Foundation (Yücel Kültür Vakfı)

The Yucel Cultural Foundation works to provide opportunities for young people between the ages of 16 and 33 to develop themselves through arts and cultural activities. The Foundation, using 21st-century thinking, seeks to promote and improve individuals, the country and all humanity by bringing together youth from all over the world for social and cultural activities and international and domestic student exchange programs. Through these activities, the Foundation intends to develop cross-cultural communication in arts, sports, camps, and alike. Moreover, the Foundation provides support for specific scientific research and technology projects and promotes the study of specialised topics.

Quincentennial Foundation Museum of Turkish Jews (500. Yıl Vakfı Türk Musevileri Müzesi)

500th Year Foundation provides information to local and international visitors about the history, culture, and traditions of the Jewish community existing in Turkey for 2600 years, focusing on their contribution to society. Configured with a mindset of establishing a modern, contemporary museum that blends technology with the past, the museum has welcomed visitors in its new location since January 14, 2016. Alongside the permanent exhibits, the museum offers a diverse environment of museum experiences with temporary exhibits, conferences, seminars, concerts and various events.

A4 Atelier Contemporary Art Association (A4 Atölye Çağdaş Sanat Derneği)

A4 Atelier was established in Diyarbakir to support the brave and productive young people in the city as well as create new opportunities for them so that they can have different experiences. The A4 Atelier is a multi-functional art space that provides room for artists to express alternative art practices, also encouraging interdisciplinary partnerships. The Association has carried out projects on gender issues, equality, justice, and diversity in the previous two years.

Theatre Cooperative (Tiyatro Kooperatifi)

Theatre Cooperative is the umbrella organisation for 60 private theatres from Istanbul. It represents the collective voice of private theatres based on the belief that art is a public service. The association aims to find permanent legal solutions to problems faced by the sector and implement advocacy and capacity building activities to improve all production and application processes in the theatre sector. Theatre Cooperative provides economic benefits for private theatres by producing joint projects with public institutions, local administrations, academia, private sector and civil society organisations.

Performance Arts Development Association (Performans Sanatını Geliştirme Derneği: Performistanbul)

Performistanbul is an international performance art platform that aims to unite performance artists under one roof. The association was found upon identifying the absence of an institution that represents performance arts and artists in Turkey, the lack of adequate resources in Turkish on performance arts and the need for financial and legal infrastructure. Performistanbul also operates as Turkey’s first Live Art Research Space, which is used as an archive for performance arts in Turkey, that includes several resources on the performance arts for students and researchers.

The Development Workshop (S.S. Kalkınma Atölyesi Bilim, Kültür, Eğitim, Araştırma, Uygulama, Üretim ve İşletme Kooperatifi- Kalkınma Atölyesi)

Development Workshop works to ensure decent living and working conditions for the seasonal migrant agricultural workers and ending child labor in different sectors. In addition, they develop policy suggestions and implementation models by conducting field research in areas such as gender-based social development, rural development and enhancement of the capacity and advocacy of local actors.

Puruli Culture and Art Association (Puruli Kültür Sanat Derneği – Puruli)

Puruli Culture and Art Association implements projects to enable individuals with disabilities to enjoy their social and cultural rights. Puruli aims to take culture and arts activities out of the common circuit to reach more people and to open alternative channels, it also collaborates with different organisations and people who share similar objectives.

Pink Life LGBTI+ Solidarity Association (Pembe Hayat LGBTI+ Dayanışma Derneği)

Pink Life LGBTI+ Solidarity Association, Turkey’s first trans rights organisation, works on issues such as social exclusion, discrimination, violence and hate crimes against trans people and provides direct support and consultancy services for legal, educational, health and transition processes. The Association works in solidarity with rights-based organisations and activists and carries out advocacy activities at the national and international level. Pink Life also organises the Pink Life KuirFest to discuss queer theory, art and discrimination and violence against LGBTI+ individuals in Turkey.