2020 Core Fund Grantees Selecteed


Turkey Mozaik Foundation jointly with the Support Foundation for Civil Society and the Dalyan Foundation, implements the Core Fund to support the organizational capacity of civil society organisations (CSO) working to improve the participation and/or welfare of disadvantaged groups.

The 2020 Core Fund for civil society organizations (CSO) will provide support for the existing and/or emerging needs of the disadvantaged and vulnerable groups during and after the COVID-19 outbreak. Grantee organizations will be provided grants up to 80.000 Turkish Liras along with an opportunity to participate in the capacity building workshops, providing opportunities such as working with mentors, pro bono volunteers etc. under the following capacity development topics:

  • Financial sustainability
  • Cooperation with CSOs
  • Working with volunteers
  • Project development and implementation
  • Advocacy and lobbying
  • Impact measurement
  • Organizational management
  • Communications

Turkey Mozaik Foundation will be supporting the following grantees as part of the Core Fund:

Open Space Association (Açık Alan Derneği)

The Open Space Association carries out activities in the field of education with a rights-based perspective for women and children, from different social, economic and cultural backgrounds. Under its activities on the Çimenev Science and Art Centre, the association aims to prevent school absenteeism and drop-outs for children at risk in. In line with the aim to reduce poverty, the association also runs the Deep Poverty Network (Derin Yoksulluk Ağı), an online platform which connects donors with families who had difficulty in accessing basic needs during the COVID-19 period. With the core grant, co-financed by the Turkey Mozaik Foundation and the Support Foundation for Civil Society, the Open Space Association will work to diversify its financial resources to ensure the organisation’s financial sustainability.

History Foundation (Tarih Vakfi)

Tarih Vakfi aims to provide a new perspective to the history and historiography for the individuals in Turkey and to protect the historical heritage and wealth with the participation of large segments of society. For this purpose, the foundation works to support and promote critical and alternative historical works, sources and references among different target audiences such as students, teachers and academicians. With the financial support of the Turkey Mozaik Foundation, History Foundation will work to develop new fundraising models to ensure its financial sustainability.

Yeryüzü Association (Yeryüzü Derneği)

Yeryüzü Association ensures to implement sustainable living principles and to create an ecological and nature-loving society.  The Association creates urban gardens and organic food communities, organizes seed exchange and upcycling festivals along with campaigns, workshops and educational activities on these issues. With the financial support of the Turkey Mozaik Foundation, the association aims to improve its organisational capacity on communications.