Turkey Mozaik Foundation supports grassroots organisations aspiring to make a social impact in the fields of education, health, women and children’s rights and environment.

Applications for funding are evaluated based on six criteria: institutional capacity, originality of the approach and solution, proximity of the charity to the cause, focus on the root cause, scalability of the approach and level of potential social impact.

We have supported the following charities to date:


Music for Peace Foundation
(Barış için Müzik)

Music for Peace Foundation (Barış için Müzik) is an organisation that has been working with children since 2005. In the decrepit Edirnekapi neighbourhood of Istanbul, Music for Peace aims to positively transform the lives of children and their families and communities through the practice of classical music.


Clean Clothes Campaign
(Temiz Giysi Kampanyası)

Temiz Giysi Kampanyası is dedicated to support and improve working conditions for workers in the global garment and sportswear industries. Temiz Giysi is part of the Clean Clothes Campaign, an international coalition of 200 organisations involved in activities across 15 European countries since 1989.


Istanbul Foster Care Association
(Istanbul Koruyucu Aile Derneği)

Istanbul Foster Care Association is a grassroots association founded in 2012 by individuals raised in foster care themselves as well as families and parents who are foster parents. The team strongly believes that growing up in a loving and caring home is the most natural demand a child can have.


Association of Civic Affinity and Anti-violence (DUY-DER)

Association of Civic Affinity and Anti-Violence (Duy-Der: Toplumsal Duyarlılık ve Şiddet Karşıtları Derneği ) is a charity founded in 2008 against all forms of individual and organisational violence, discrimination and human rights abuses. One of the main programs of the association has been on reducing the hazards of mine and conflict waste materials.


KuzeyDoga Association
(KuzeyDoğa Derneği)

KuzeyDoğa Association is an organisation that is striving for the proliferation of community-based nature conservation work in the developing world and aims to increase the awareness and efficiency of local people and the private sector in protecting biodiversity. The project focuses on collecting bird biodiversity data, promote environmental education, village-based ecotourism and community-based wetland conservation at internationally important Aras River Bird Paradise, Yukari Ciyrikli village, Igdir, Turkey.


Village Schools Exchange Network
(Köy Okulları Değişim Ağı)

Village Schools Exchange Network (KODA) is a newly founded charity in Istanbul that focuses on increasing the quality of education in rural Turkey. Through their core programs, they provide support to teachers and students for the advancement of quality education in formal school systems. KODA is implementing a series of workshops designed for children on issues of space, universe, astronomy, visual arts, cultural diversity, geography and architecture, emotional awareness, underwater life and general life culture in Muş province.


The Spinal Cord Paralytics Association of Turkey (TOFD)

TOFD’s (Türkiye Omurilik Felçilieri Derneği) mission is to produce solutions in public areas concerning insufficient rehabilitation and environmental conditions that deters disabled citizens to participate in social life. Our funding supports “I Can Access” (Erisebilirim) project which aims to raise architecture and civil engineering students’ awareness for barrier-free designs for the disabled.


Flying Broom Women’s Association (Uçan Süpürge)

Flying Broom Women’s Association was founded in 1996. The association strives to create change in which women are empowered, gender equality is provided in all areas of life, and that they have a fair world for all. Recently the association’s focus and expertise has been on the issue of child brides and forced marriages in Turkey.


Team International Assistance for Integration (TIAFI)

TIAFI aims to empower vulnerable / refugee women and their families. Based in Izmir, TIAFI provides one-to-one support to all refugees who seek help; offers Child Care Services for women who need to work to support themselves and their families; and has a community center with a charity shop, an open kitchen, a sports room for children and a hobby room for women, helping families to build up their lives again.


Yuva Association
(Yuva Derneği)

Yuva Association leads an Earth Citizenship Program that is designed to encourage activism and sense of responsibility for the community through educational and advocacy trainings. Our funding supports the expansion of the “Ecological literacy” project that has already fostered thousands of young and adult environmental ambassadors across 17 cities in Turkey since 2013.


Turkish Psychologists Association
(Türk Psikologlar Derneği)

TPD is a professional organisation established in 1996. TPD provides psychological rehabilitation and support programs to the communities affected by natural disasters (first during the Marmara Earthquake in 1999, Soma disaster) and other traumatic events (Suruc and Ankara bombings). The association also organises workshops aimed at the profession; focusing on the needs of children and women affected by violence, disabled persons and their families, and marginalised populations.


We Are Coding

“We are coding” aims to improve information technology literacy in Turkey through programs targeted for the youth. They provide training courses and internship opportunities for disadvantaged university students and new graduates to build their IT/coding skills and prepare them for the job market.


(Black Box)

Karakutu introduces different perspectives and alternative narratives about the past to the youth. The “Memory Journey Program” helps young people explore and question the injustices against the historically marginalised groups, based on religion, gender, ethnicity, or political view, with the ultimate aim of promoting justice and peace in the society.