Turkey Mozaik Foundation supports civil society organisations (CSOs) working in Türkiye in the fields of education, children’s rights, gender equality, environmental sustainability, and culture & arts. In addition to thematic funds, Turkey Mozaik Foundation also launches Emergency Relief Funds in the aftermath of natural disasters to support CSOs working to meet short, medium and long-term needs.

Applications for funding are evaluated based on six criteria: institutional capacity, originality of the approach and solution, proximity of the charity to the cause, focus on the root cause, scalability of the approach and level of potential social impact.

Please find more information about our funds below:

Kahramanmaras Earthquake Emergency Relief Fund was launched following the earthquakes on 6 February 2023, to support civil society organisations working in Türkiye to provide immediate relief and medium to long-term recovery to the survivors.

The Culture and Arts Fund aims to support the projects and organizational development of culture and arts organisations and civil society organisations that use culture and arts related activities as a means.

The Children’s Fund aims to support the projects and organisational development of civil society organisations working to establish children’s access to their basic rights.

Turkey Mozaik Foundation created this fund to provide emergency relief to areas struck with natural disasters and humanitarian crisis to meet the critical and emerging needs of communities.

Gender Equality Fund is supporting new and innovative projects, campaign and advocacy activities and institutional development of women’s and LGBTI+ organisations.

The institutional fund aims to strengthen and build on the organisational capacity of civil society organisations by covering including but not limited to costs such as rent, human resources, expert support and travel.

The Foster Family Fund aims to support civil society organisations that promote adoption and foster family models in Türkiye to ensure that children under state protection are given the chance to prepare for life within safe and loving family environments.

In memory of our beloved friend, we established Turkey Mozaik Foundation Meltem Göçer Fund in August 2019.

Donor advised fund consists of grants given to civil society organisations that are brought forward at request of our donors.

The Environmental Sustainability Fund supports civil society organisations working in the field of environmental sustainability in Türkiye with grant and capacity-building support.

The Digital Transformation Fund aims to support the digital transformation journeys of civil society organisations by offering grants and capacity development support.