Announcing the launch of digital transformation fund for environmental sustainability

We are proud to launch “The Digital Transformation Fund for Organisations Working on Environmental Sustainability” in cooperation with Support Foundation for Civil Society with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). The fund aims to support the digital transformation of the civil society organisations (CSOs) working on environmental sustainability (as described in the Sustainable Development Goals    “clean water and sanitation”, “affordable and clean energy”, “climate action”, “life below water” and “life on land”).  You can watch the recording of the launch event of this fund here.

Each grantee organisation will receive 75.000 TL in grants and participate in the capacity building component, where they will get to work with mentors, experts, and volunteers on digital transformation. The total amount of grants distributed to 5 CSOs within the scope of the Fund will be 375.000 TL. 

Below you can find the information on the selected CSOs and their digital transformation projects:

Ecosphere Association (Ekosfer Derneği): Ecosphere Association advocates for the implementation of policies to stop human-induced climate change, prevent deterioration of biodiversity, and protect ecological balance. Ecosphere will use this grant to strengthen its digital transformation on communications with different stakeholders. In line with this objective, the association will create an Internet platform to carry out its advocacy work on environmental sustainability-related issues, organise digital campaigns, fundraising, and communication activities.

Women in Fisheries Society (Kadın Balıkçılar Derneği): Women in Fisheries Society works to maintain the ecological balance in marine ecosystems, to benefit from marine ecosystems in a healthy and effective manner and to socially, economically and professionally empower women who are one of the users of the marine ecosystems. The association is currently working on a project to recycle scrapped fish by canning method in İzmir’s Seferihisar district for the economic benefit of women. Women in Fisheries Society will use this grant to complement this project and develop a digital food safety software, establish an e-commerce platform and create a digital community of women working in the sector.

Troya Environmental Association (Troya Çevre Derneği): Operating in Çanakkale, Troya Environmental Association focuses on climate change, its effects on ecological life, and renewable energy issues in the local and national areas. In 2017, Troya Environmental Association established the Troya Energy Cooperative with only women founders to work on renewable energy production and to consult other energy cooperatives. The association will use this grant to develop a digital platform that will bring together renewable energy cooperatives, enable experience and know-how sharing with each other and local consumers. Through this platform, Troya Environmental Association will work to ensure cooperation between five energy cooperatives to be selected from 5 different cities in Turkey and to disseminate best practices through digital content such as data visualisation and podcasts.

The Soil for Life Association (Yaşam için Toprak Derneği): The Soil for Life Association focuses on the waste problem in the city and carries out activities to encourage recycling and composting. The association works especially with women, young people, and children to share information and conduct projects on compost. The Soil for Life Association aims to become the main source of reference on compost and soil improvement issues by establishing a website within the scope of the grant and transferring its activities to the digital environment. Thus, the association will use this grant to digitalise its educational contents, create website content on the projects and integrate the donor interface to reach more people online and to receive grants and donations by promoting the activities of the association.

Sustainability Steps Association (Sürdürülebilirlik Adımları Derneği): Sustainability Steps Association was established with the aim of promoting the development of sustainability studies, contributing to the necessary transformation in institutions and community life, and supporting individuals, institutions and organisations working on this issue. The association will use this grant to reactivate and further develop Environmental Activities (Çevreci Etkinlikler) an internet platform providing information on environment-related activities, to turn it into an enrollment-based online education platform and share climate-related events in Turkey. With this grant, the association will carry out activities such as updating the infrastructure and content of the website, creating 5 online education contents, and conducting communications and visibility activities.