Elazığ Earthquake Emergency Fund Grantees

Elazığ Earthquake Emergency Fund Grantees Announced

Turkey Mozaik Foundation created The Elazığ Earthquake Emergency Fund to support civil society organizations (CSOs) and their activities following the earthquake on 24 January 2020 affecting Elazig, Malatya and surrounding districts. Upon starting our Elazig Earthquake Relief Fund, we received valuable donations totalling more than GBP 21,000 from over 200 supporters.

The Fund aims to support the operational expenses of CSOs working in the field and the activities they implemented to meet the urgent and long-term needs of the people affected by the earthquake. Due to the urgent nature of the needs in the region after the earthquake, the funds were distributed in two grant cycles. In the first cycle of the Fund, Turkey Mozaik Foundation allocated a total grant of 60,000 TL to support interventions that addressed the urgent needs of those affected by the earthquake. In the second cycle, Turkey Mozaik Foundation provided 140,000 TL to support the activities of CSOs that will have medium- and long-term contributions in the field.  A total of 25 CSOs  from 13 different cities applied between 3-6 February 2020. The selected grantees are:  Support to Life Association (Hayata Destek Derneği), Needs Map (İhtiyaç Haritası) and Basic Needs Association (Temel İhtiyaç Derneği).

Please see below more detailed information about our grantees:

Support to Life Association

Project Summary 

Under the first cycle of the grant, STL received funding to meet the emergency needs of people who are affected by the earthquake in the region. As part of this project, STL planned to conduct a needs analysis on the field with a group of  volunteers from the students of the Social Work Department of Fırat University in Elazığ. To strengthen the capacity of the students, STL implemented an accelerated training program on how to respond to emergency interventions. This training also enabled STL to build local capacity and competence so that they will be able to intervene in a case of possible future emergency situation.

On March 11, the first COVID-19 case was detected in Turkey and measures were taken regarding the outbreak. In line with this situation, STL revised and extended the project. Since STL could not obtain the necessary permits to operate in the field, it was not able to conduct an additional needs analysis. Instead, the volunteers (university students who participated in the training) were directed to  work with and observe the work of public institutions on the field and gained experience. Furthermore, with the COVID-19 outbreak changing the priorities in the region, STL used the rest of the grant to  provide hygienic materials such as soap, sanitizer and detergent to  families in need who stay in container cities in  Sivrice, Elazığ the central region of the earthquake.

Grant amount: 60,000 TL

Grant period: 14 February 2020 – 1 April 2020

(The project was completed on June 25, due to the developments regarding COVID-19 outbreak)

About Support To Life Association

The Support to Life Association (STL) is a humanitarian organization that aims to provide access to basic rights and needs of disaster-affected communities. Since 2005, STL has been carrying out Emergency Assistance and Response, Refugee Support, Child Protection in Seasonal Agriculture and Capacity Building programs. Providing access to clean water in disaster areas and improving hygiene and shelter conditions, meeting basic needs for food and other items are among the priority of Emergency Assistance and Response Program.  The Refugee Support Program aims to support refugees in accessing fundamental rights and services and to empower them on livelihoods. In Child Protection in Seasonal Agriculture Program, STL focuses on reducing and eliminating the risks that the children may face in seasonal agricultural migration. Lastly, the association carries out several activities to build capacities of  local and national civil society organisations for  effective humanitarian intervention strategies.

Needs Map

Project Summary

Needs Map aims to identify and map the needs of individuals affected by the earthquake in the region and to meet these needs from local businesses through the use of Needs Map Social Marketplace which allows people to provide the needs of a particular area from the local suppliers. Thus, the project will contribute to the local economy of Elazığ and small business owners who financially struggles after the earthquake.

As part of this project, a group of volunteers will be selected among the network of the Needs Map and other local CSOs in Elazığ and will be provided with a half-day training on needs assessment, communication with the vulnerable people and the use of the Needs Map system. Field visits will be held with volunteers in  order to conduct an overall needs analysis of the people affected from the earthquake. Determined needs will be uploaded and mapped on the Needs Maps Social Marketplace in order to match those that are willing to help with the local business to provide for these needs. To access those who would like to provide help, the needs published on the Needs Map Social Marketplace will be promoted through various communication channels. Thus, the local economy of Elazığ will be supported while the needs of people affected by the earthquake are being met.

Grant  amount: 70,000 TL

Grant period: 15 June 2020 – 1 October 2020

About Needs Map

Needs Map (İhtiyaç Haritası) is a web-based matching platform active in Turkey that enables people in need to connect with those who can help them through providing in kind support. The platform aims to learn and verify the non-monetary needs on the basis of individuals and communities, to collect and list them on a map-based approach, and to facilitate the process of meeting the needs by institutions, organizations or private individuals. Furthermore, it enables anyone who would like to offer in-kind support to do it over the system encouraging cooperation and solidarity at the local level.

Basic Needs Association

Project Summary

TIDER’s project aims to provide trainings and supervision to local stakeholders in Malatya and Elazığ on opening and operating two Support Markets to serve people who are affected by the earthquake directly and indirectly. Thus, a sustainable model will be implemented in the region in order to ensure that post-disaster donations and products will be saved from waste and directed to designated people in need with a systematic approach. In line with this objective, TIDER will contribute to the capacity building of  Elazig Chamber of Commerce and Malatya Metropolitan Municipality who will be the local partners operating these markets through trainings on management of donations, supply chain and human resources. Both food banks will be included to the Support Cloud Platform developed by TIDER to bring together donors and food banks and Support IK Platform will be used to contribute to the employability of the beneficiaries of the food banks.

Grant amount: 70,000 TL

Grant period: 15 June 2020 – 15 February 2021

About the Basic Needs Association

The Basic Needs Association (Temel İhtiyaç Derneği-TİDER) works to ensure that all people are able to meet their basic needs in a fair and equal manner and uses the food banking model as an important tool in combating hunger, poverty and waste prevention. TİDER also works with the beneficiaries to help them access jobs compatible for their competencies and abilities. Using these approaches, the associations provides a  sustainable model in the fight against poverty, not only by helping the disadvantaged people through their food banks called Support Markets, but also supporting their employability and providing opportunities through their Support HR system.

Photo Credit: AFP/Getty Images