Environmental Sustainability Fund

Environmental Sustainability Fund

The Environmental Sustainability Fund was launched in 2021, in collaboration with the Support Foundation for Civil Society (Sivil Toplum için Destek Vakfı – STDV) to support civil society organisations (CSOs) dedicated to environmental causes in Türkiye with grant and capacity-building support.

In 2021, we partnered with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to support the digital transformation of CSOs working in the field of environmental sustainability. Each grantee organisation participated in the capacity-building component, where they worked with mentors and experts on digital transformation. We provided £12,950 (TRY 150,000) to 5 CSOs.

In 2022, we collaborated with the Conservation Collective to launch the Turquoise Coast Environment Fund (TCEF). The fund supports projects that aim to protect, restore, and regenerate Türkiye’s natural beauty, marine biodiversity and coastal environment. TCEF, in partnership with STDV, MAVA Foundation, GEF Small Grants Program, and the UNDP, aims to involve local communities in the change towards sustainable food systems, biodiversity and ecosystem conservation, and the development of local organisations for the sustainable future of the coastlines. In the first round of TCEF, 13 CSOs were granted a total of £103,315 (TRY 2,098,346) in collaboration with the fund’s partners. Turkey Mozaik Foundation contributed £10,000 to the fund.

In 2023, our collaboration with the Conservation Collective continued to protect Türkiye’s marine biodiversity and coastal environment. During the second round of TCEF, 6 CSOs were granted a total of £37,536 (TRY 1,294,986).

Please find more information about the fund’s grantees below:


Ecosphere Association (Ekosfer Derneği)

Ecosphere Association advocates for the implementation of policies to stop human-induced climate change, prevent deterioration of biodiversity, and protect ecological balance. The Association supports energy production from renewable sources and carries out activities with children, young people, and vulnerable groups for environmental justice. Ecosphere places particular importance on the right to access information on essential issues such as the climate crisis.

Troya Environmental Association (Troya Çevre Derneği)

Troya Environmental Association operates in Çanakkale to ensure energy efficiency on an urban and rural scale, and develop energy democracy and community-based energy production. The association focuses on climate change, its effects on ecological life, and green energy issues at the local and national levels. The association established Troya Energy Cooperative in 2017 with all women founders, to guide other energy cooperatives with its work and to strengthen the role of women working in the energy sector.

Women in Fisheries Society (Kadın Balıkçılar Derneği)

Women in Fisheries Society works to maintain the ecological balance in marine ecosystems, to benefit from marine ecosystems in a healthy and effective manner, and to ensure that women, who are among the users of marine ecosystems, are empowered socially, economically, and professionally. With its work, Women in Fisheries Society aims to change the traditional perception of gender roles in the industry together with the women fishers, to ensure that women are more visible and represented in the industry and to encourage women fishers to shape their communities as well as their own lives.

Soil for Life Association (Yaşam için Toprak Derneği)

Soil for Life Association focuses on the waste problem in cities and carries out activities to encourage recycling and composting. The association works especially with women, young people, and children to share information and implements projects on teaching the best ways for composting and recycling in city life.

Sustainability Steps Association (Sürdürülebilirlik Adımları Derneği – SADE)

Sustainability Steps Association was established to promote the development of studies on sustainability, contributing to the necessary transformation in institutions and community life, and to support individuals and organisations working on this issue. SADE develops projects, organises trainings and workshops, and shares inspiring practices regarding sustainable development, to contribute to the transition towards sustainability in institutions and societies.


Bodrum Classical Music Association/Bodrum Lokal (Bodrum Klasik Müzik Derneği)

Bodrum Lokal has been producing independent documentaries about Bodrum, both addressing the environmental problems of the peninsula and promoting its cultural values. Bodrum Classical Music Association works closely with the local group during music festivals in Gumusluk, Bodrum, and works for nature and biodiversity education for children and youth.

Climate Research Association (İklim Araştırmaları Derneği)

Climate Research Association, based in Ankara, brings together different actors working in the fields of climate change, sustainability, resource efficiency, disaster and risk management and carries out its activities in the fields of combating and adapting to climate change, water management and policy, urban planning, and economy and social studies.

Yolda Initiative (Yolda Derneği)

Yolda Initiative, based in Ankara, has been working for the conservation of biodiversity and tackling climate change through research, field activities, advocacy, and collaborations. The association also focuses on traditional forms of production, especially nomadic animal husbandry. Additionally, Yolda is the coordinating organisation of the Alliance of Mediterranean Nature and Culture (AMNC), providing a collaborative framework to sustain the benefits that cultural landscapes and cultural practices provide for biodiversity and local livelihoods in the Mediterranean region.

Antalya Underwater Society (Antalya Sualtı Derneği)

Antalya Underwater Society, based in Antalya, has been working to protect marine biodiversity through diving tourism and deepen the public’s interest in conservation through the promotion of underwater life, nature, and history.

Association for the Conservation and Survival of Sea Turtles, Mediterranean Monk Seals, Sea Daffodils (Deniz Kaplumbağaları, Akdeniz Fokları, Kum Zambakları Koruma ve Yaşatma Derneği – DEKAFOK)

DEKAFOK, based in Antalya, carries out training, research, projects, and awareness-raising activities to protect Manavgat coastline and marine life.

Marine Mammals Research Association (Deniz Memelileri Araştırma Derneği)

Marine Mammals Research Association aims to bridge the existing knowledge gaps on cetaceans by raising awareness while enhancing the local research capacities of Türkiye. The association also develops relationships with stakeholders for in-situ conservation actions on cetaceans and raises ecological awareness.

Marine Life Conservation Association (Deniz Yaşamını Koruma Derneği)

Marine Life Conservation Association aims to protect marine life with sustainable methods, and works for the transplantation and conservation of corals endemic in the Marmara Sea, cleaning ghost nets, monitoring biodiversity, protecting species and habitats, and preserving underwater culture and heritage.

Nature Association (Doğa Derneği)

Nature Association, based in Izmir, aims to sustain biodiversity. As the Türkiye partner of BirdLide International, a large nature conservation network with partners from more than a hundred countries, the association conducts various activities both locally and internationally.

Ecological Research Association (Ekolojik Araştırmalar Derneği – EKAD)

EKAD, based in Antalya, aims to raise ecological awareness by forming collaborations with universities, ministries, municipalities, other civil society actors, and private enterprises. EKAD implements sea turtle monitoring and conservation projects, joined by a growing number of national and international volunteers, with the aim of providing the best example of sustainable biodiversity.

Impact Circles Foundation (Etki Çemberleri Vakfı)

Impact Circles Foundation works in the field of sustainable development, environment, and co-management of natural resources. The foundation aims to strengthen the social entrepreneurship ecosystem and popularise circular economy models and social impact investment in Türkiye.

NATURA Nature and Culture Conservation Association (NATURA Doğa ve Kültür Koruma Derneği)

Established in Ankara, NATURA works to protect sweetgum forests by creating a corridor between the sweetgum forests, assembling the fragmented forests and reversing their destruction. The sweetgum forests are found only in Southwest Anatolia and are on the verge of extinction due to fragmentation.

Water Ecosystems Conservation Association (Su Ekosistemlerini Koruma Derneği)

Water Ecosystems Conservation Association, based in Çanakkale, works to protect all kinds of creatures living in the seas, inland waters, coastal and transitional areas, and the aquatic nature covering these areas.

Social Climate Association (Sosyal İklim Derneği)

Social Climate Association carries out nature-centred rights-based studies, aiming to develop a culture of dialogue among young people and to ensure their active participation in social life and civil society. In line with the Sustainable Development Goals, the association implements programs, projects and workshops on the issues of climate crisis, children’s rights, gender equality and youth rights.