Partner for Impact

Engage your business for impactful social change

We believe in the power of collective action. By joining forces, businesses play a crucial role in empowering civil society organisations in Türkiye and drive positive social change.

Restaurants, cafes, retail outlets – every company has the opportunity to make a meaningful difference. You can raise awareness among your employees, colleagues, partners and customers about causes that matter to you.

Through fundraising initiatives, matching donations, proceeds from sales or other collaborations, your support creates a lasting impact.

Let’s discuss how your business can contribute. Reach out to us at to explore a collaboration that aligns with your values.

Examples of how we can help you:

One-Day Profit Share: Make a Day for Giving Back 

Team up with us for a dedicated day of giving back! 

Businesses like yours can make a significant impact by dedicating a portion of their profits on a chosen day to support a cause where your heart lies. Choose a day that aligns with your values and goals, and engage your customers to create positive change. 

By donating a day’s profits, you’ll not only raise funds but also inspire community involvement and goodwill, leaving a lasting impact on those in need.

Optional Donation from Every Bill 

Empower your customers to be everyday heroes!

By giving them the option to add a small donation, such as £1, to their bill, you can create a ripple effect of generosity. These contributions add up to substantial support for initiatives to improve the lives of vulnerable groups in Türkiye. 

Together, we can turn everyday transactions into opportunities for a brighter future.

Specialised Campaign: Tailor-Made Impact 

Collaborate with us on a specialised fundraising campaign tailored to your business and target audience. Whether it’s a themed event, product promotion or a unique initiative, we work closely with you to create a compelling campaign that engages your community.

Curated Product Donation: Social Responsibility Through Sales

Contribute to a cause by donating a portion of sales from specific products (existing or specially curated) or services.

By aligning your business with us, you showcase your commitment to social responsibility and provide customers with an opportunity to make a difference through their purchases. Together, we create a positive impact through conscious consumerism.

Rounding the Bill/Invoice: Effortless Giving 

Simplify giving and encourage effortless generosity!

Invite your customers to round up their total purchase to the nearest pound, with the extra amount going directly towards supporting us. Every rounded-up transaction, no matter how small, contributes.

On-the-Spot Donations: Make an Immediate Impact 

Make it easy for your customers to make an immediate impact by setting up designated donation points at your business. With this convenient option, individuals can support our efforts in Türkiye in a tangible and meaningful way.

Corporate Match Campaigns: Get Your Company to Match It!

Double the impact of your employees’ generosity!

Encourage your company to match donations made by employees. Corporate match campaigns not only foster employee engagement but also demonstrate your company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility.

By partnering with Turkey Mozaik Foundation, your business actively contributes to social change in Türkiye. We look forward to work with you to create a meaningful collaboration. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at and explore how your business can make a difference!