Youth £4 Youth Challenge

Launching The Youth £4 Youth Challenge

We are very excited to launch the Youth £4 Youth Challenge for our young supporters aged 5 to 18 to get involved to grow £4 over the course of October 2019. This is quite a common fundraising activity in the UK and most children are familiar with the concept from schools.

Please help us disseminate this challenge to your children or other children you know who might be interested in participating.

What is the YOUTH £4 YOUTH Challenge?

The Youth £4 Youth challenge is an invitation to our young supporters to bring their big ideas to life and participate in our fundraising efforts for our Children’s Fund. The challenge will run through the month of October and the participating youth are free to be as involved as they like. Our Children’s Fund exclusively funds charities working on causes related to children’s issues like children’s rights and access to healthcare and education.

Who can participate?

Anyone aged 5-18, with parents’ permission of course.

How does it work?
  1. Children borrow £4 from their parents on Oct 1st
  2. The challenge is to make the £4 grow through parent-approved big (and small) fundraising or non-profit entrepreneurial activities throughout the month of October. Lots of room to be creative here but also lots of examples and inspiration are available below. Of course young ones will get some support from parents (but not too much)
  3. On Oct 31st (or shortly thereafter) children return the £4 back to their parents along with the raised sum. The parents keep the original £4 and transfer the raised amount to Turkey Mozaik Foundation referencing The Children’s Fund.
How do children benefit from engaging in fundraising activities?

This is an opportunity for children to give their time and be productive to help others.

The warm glow of knowing they have put in time and energy for others is probably reward enough. However, there will be prizes and general fame through celebrations at the Turkey Mozaik Foundation’s New Year’s Party in November.

Participating in the Youth £4 Youth Challenge will help the young ones:

  • Learn and experience social responsibility and how their actions can really make a difference to others. Providing youth with fundraising opportunities for philanthropic causes will contribute to the development of moral judgement and a better understanding of civic responsibility.
  • Gain an appreciation for money and basic financial concepts: develop an understanding of how money is made.
  • Increase their self-esteem and a sense of pride by planning and developing an idea and seeing it through from start to finish. Fundraising gives children a sense of empowerment as they often do not have the monetary resources available to them to create change. Through fundraising they can feel that they are able to contribute to a process of change. Each participant will receive a personal letter detailing how their contribution was used.
There will be PRIZES!

Prizes will include but not be limited to the following:

  • Bronze certificate for funds raised up to £25
  • Silver certificate for funds raised £25-£50
  • Gold certificate for £50-£100
  • Diamond certificate for £100-£150
  • Platinum certificate for >£150
  • Certificates for the most innovative idea, the best photo of the chosen fundraising activity and more..
  • The children will receive a personal letter detailing how their funds were used.
What to do next?

If a young person you know might be interested in participating in the Youth £4 Youth Challenge and join the fun let us know by filling out the form at the bottom of this page and we’ll send further information about the process and put you on the email list for further inspiration and motivation (not more than 4 emails).

Examples of fundraising activities – for the young ones to read:

Food or Jobs? Use your money to make cakes to sell or to make a profit on. Use your money to buy a sponge and offer to wash the car? Remember you might need to recycle profits to buy more. You can babysit younger kids, read to them and charge the parents.

Art art art! You can paint, make posters, bookmarks or origami to sell. Or if you are a musician, you can play your instrument in a public area and ask for donations. Or you can make personalised iMovies for your customers.

A cinema evening? With your £4, find a film or match, buy some popcorn, and get in a couple of litres of Coke. Invite some friends round for £x each, and press play.

Tournaments of all shapes and sizes? Beat the goalie, chess, a Fifa football tournament, Tiddly winks or whatever you can do in your garden. Use your £4 for a prize/trophy and get people to pay to enter.

You can convince your friends to join you and create a team to increase your fundraising and impact, after all it’s more fun together…