Announcing the launch of our Digital Transformation Fund

We are pleased to announce an impactful collaboration aimed at supporting the digital transformation of civil society organisations (CSOs).

In 2021, we supported 5 CSOs focused on environmental sustainability by facilitating their digital transformation, in collaboration with the Support Foundation for Civil Society (Sivil Toplum için Destek Vakfı) and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) through our Environmental Sustainability Fund.

This year, we are excited to continue our partnership with the Support Foundation for Civil Society and the EBRD through the Digital Transformation Fund. We remain dedicated to assisting CSOs in their digital transformation journeys by offering grants and capacity development support. Last week, we shared our enthusiasm at the fund’s online introduction meeting.

Recognising the crucial role digital transformation plays in increasing the effectiveness of our grantees’ commendable efforts, we remain committed to contributing to this cause.

In 2023, our fund aims to support organisations working towards mitigating the impact of the devastation in the region and aiding the well-being of survivors following the February 6 earthquakes in Kahramanmaras.

Stay tuned for more updates about the fund and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter. Thank you for your continued support.