Enabling Resilience: Our 2023/24 Institutional Fund Recipients

In the 2023/24 period, our Institutional Fund is dedicated to helping those affected by the Kahramanmaras earthquakes. We aim to support the well-being of the region and strengthen the organisational capacities of civil society organisations (CSOs) actively operating in or supporting the earthquake-affected regions.

Our Institutional Fund, in collaboration with our local partner the Support Foundation for Civil Society (Sivil Toplum için Destek Vakfı), aims to build the core capacity of CSOs, covering essential costs, and providing capacity-building support. The calls for proposals were shared by the Support Foundation for Civil Society and received 115 applications from 25 cities across Türkiye. This year, jointly with other contributors, a total of TRY 6,271,631 is allocated to the following seven civil society organisations:

  1. Ali Ismail Korkmaz Foundation (Ali İsmail Korkmaz Vakfı – ALİKEV) is working to help young people become unbiased, conflict-free, equitable, and social individuals by participating in social activities. With the grant support of TRY 999,431, ALİKEV will work to increase its resource diversity to ensure its financial sustainability. The grant support will be used to employ a full-time Resource Development Officer and cover the association’s administrative expenses.
  2. Solidarity People Association (Dayanışma İnsanları Derneği), based in Adıyaman, works to promote the participation of young people and vulnerable groups in development and the creation of a resilient civil society, particularly in the face of disasters. With the grant support of TRY 790,000, the Solidarity People Association will work on preparing policy documents, establishing an organisational chart, and implementing a monitoring and evaluation system. The grant support will be used to employ a full-time General Coordinator and a part-time Youth Worker, in addition to covering administrative costs.
  3. Hatay Symphony Orchestra Culture and Art Association (Hatay Senfoni Orkestrası Kültür ve Sanat Derneği – HSO) is dedicated to transforming the culture and art scene in Hatay and its surroundings through concerts, projects, and educational workshops. With the grant support of TRY 999,000, HSO will work to diversify its resources and ensure financial sustainability. To achieve this goal, HSO will use the grant support to hire two full-time employees and cover administrative costs.
  4. Collective Coordination Association (Kolektif Koordinasyon Derneği – KKD), based in Adana, focuses on developing sustainable solutions to increase the resilience and well-being of communities affected by disasters. With the grant support of TRY 986,000, KKD will carry out activities to enhance its resource diversity and financial sustainability. The grant support will be used to employ a full-time General Coordinator, and a Communication Officer, and cover administrative expenses.
  5. We Need to Talk Association (Konuşmamız Gerek Derneği) is working to increase the accessibility, quality and sustainability of period products in Türkiye, and raise awareness about period poverty and menstruation stigma. With the grant support of 1,000,000, the association will work to establish partnerships, strengthen volunteer networks, develop a volunteering strategy, and open an office in Adana for collaboration with local CSOs. The association will hire two full-time employees and cover administrative expenses.
  6. Medical Search and Rescue Association (Medikal Arama Kurtarma Derneği – MEDAK) supports medical personnel in providing active field services in disasters and humanitarian crises and equips them with the necessary training for emergencies. With the grant support of TRY 999,200, MEDAK will work to increase the diversity of its resources and ensure the financial sustainability of the association. The funding will be used to employ a full-time Finance Officer and cover administrative expenses.
  7. Yeniden Antakya Platform Association (Yeniden Antakya Platformu Derneği – YAP) works to preserve and revitalise Hatay’s cultural, social, and economic structure. With the grant support of TRY 498,000, YAP will strengthen its project management capacity. The grant support will be used to hire two employees, receive accounting services, and cover the communication expenses related to these activities.

Our Institutional Fund focuses on strengthening and building the organisational core capacity of CSOs by covering costs such as rent, human resources, expert support, and travel. The Fund also provides capacity-building, including mentoring in resource development, financial sustainability, impact measurement, monitoring and evaluation, communications, stakeholder relations, and advocacy.

Other contributors to the Support Foundation for Civil Society’s Institutional Fund include the Bcause FoundationDalyan FoundationFondation de FranceKarl Kahane FoundationKreuzberger Initiative gegen Antisemitismus (KIgA), and WNS (Holdings) Limited, who have joined forces to provide extensive support to the earthquake-affected areas.

Stay tuned for updates on the projects and their progress in the coming months, and please subscribe to our newsletter. Thank you for your support.