Turkey Mozaik Foundation 2017 Istanbul Study Trip

Turkey Mozaik Foundation Trustees and team were hosted by Sivil Toplum icin Destek Vakfi (Support Foundation for Civil Society) in Istanbul on 9 August 2017. The primary aims of the visit were to discuss the civil society landscape and recent developments in Turkey and to meet potential grantees. Black Box Association (Karakutu Derneği), Clean Clothes Turkey (Temiz Giysi Derneği) and Istanbul Foster Family Association (İstanbul Koruyucu Aile Derneği) presented to the team. Following their presentations, the team visited the Music for Peace Foundation (Barış için Müzik Vakfı) at Edirnekapi, where they had the opportunity to listen to the children rehearse for their upcoming concert. The day ended with an informative discussion session with Mr. Bekir Agirdir, the director of KONDA Research and Consultancy. The team also discussed collaboration opportunities with Sivil Toplum icin Destek Vakfi founders, staff and funders.


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