We supported emergency rescue and relief efforts with direct grants

Following the news of the massive earthquake, we immediately started a fundraising campaign. We are humbled by the overwhelming response from our community of supporters in the UK and abroad following the launch of our Kahramanmaras Earthquake Emergency Relief Fund. We are grateful to each and every one of our amazing supporters for their unprecedented solidarity.

We have been in touch with civil society organisations in Turkey which are experienced in rescue efforts and are working on the ground to provide emergency relief to survivors. To support emergency rescue and relief efforts, we gave direct grants to the following 7 organisations:

  1. Needs Map (İhtiyaç Haritası)
  2. TOKTUT (Toktutmak Elimizde Derneği – TOKTUT)
  3. AKUT Search and Rescue Association (AKUT Arama Kurtarma Derneği)
  4. Support to Life Association (Hayata Destek Derneği)
  5. Food Rescue Association (Gıda Kurtarma Derneği)
  6. Lokman Hekim Health Foundation (Lokman Hekim SağlıkVakfı)
  7. Ahbap Association (Ahbap Derneği)

With the grant support of £15,000, Needs Map will assess the needs on the ground through fieldwork in coordination with public institutions, and deliver emergency needs (winter clothes, heaters, blankets, sanitary pads, diapers, clean water, and tents) to the survivors.

With the grant support of £15,000, TOKTUT will deliver emergency food packages containing ready-to-eat meals to the survivors in coordination with the relevant public institutions.

With the grant support of £15,000, AKUT will use the grant support for its urgent equipment needs which will be used in search and rescue efforts in the region affected by the earthquake.

With the grant support of £100,000, Support to Life Association will supply clean drinking water, critical for maintaining hygiene, to survivors in Antakya, Hatay. STL will procure, transfer, and install water tanks of 5 tonnes each in 12 neighbourhoods of Antakya, and also distribute 8,000 reusable water containers per household, which will help minimise the survivorswaiting time for water and the use of disposable plastics.

With the grant support of £17,580, Food Rescue Association will supply vacuum seal containers which are critical to ensure that healthy hot meals can be transported and distributed to survivors in Malatya, Adıyaman and Hatay, in line with hygiene rules and food safety.

With the grant support of £15,000, Lokman Hekim Health Foundation will purchase six container homes to create living spaces for healthcare professionals and volunteers working in Hatay to stay and rest, in order to improve their conditions and the healthcare services provided to survivors.

With the grant support of £87,000, Ahbap Association will purchase and install mobile toilets for the survivors.

Please find more information about the grantees by visiting our Kahramanmaras Earthquake Emergency Relief Fund. Keep following us for updates about open-call funds and direct grant news, and subscribe to our newsletter. Thank you for your support.