Meltem Gocer Fund Launched

In memory of our beloved friend, we established Turkey Mozaik Foundation Meltem Göçer Fund in August 2019.  We are grateful to be the recipient of valuable contributions from her family and friends who cherished her life and thankful to her family for choosing to support our mission which Meltem found close to her heart. Jointly with her family, we chose two charities to support: Association of Visually Impaired in Education and Music for Peace Foundation.

Association of Visually Impaired in Education (Eğitimde Görme Engelliler Derneği, EGED) aims to improve the access of visually impaired people to information and educational opportunities.  EGED works with visually impaired students studying at all levels of education, from primary education to non-formal education, teachers with visual impairments working ininstitutions affiliated to the Ministry of National Education, and parents of visually impaired children. The association takes all the necessary measures to ensure equality of opportunity in education and to develop solutions for the problems faced by individuals with disabilities in education. Furthermore, EGED engages in advocacy activities: (1) to ensure that students and teachers with disabilities benefit from the new technologies that aim to create equal opportunity in education, (2) to resolve any professional problems faced by disabled teachers, (3) to struggle against material or moral abuse of disability and, (4) to fight against all kinds of discriminatory practices especially those faced by disabled people.

With the support of Turkey Mozaik Foundation’s Meltem Göçer Fund, EGED aims to expand the content available in “Accessible Notes” (Engelsiz Nota), an online music library established for the visually impaired people in 2018, and reach out to a wider group of visually impaired music students. EGED will work with the music education departments of at least 5 universities to prioritise 2,500 classic Turkish music pieces to be added to in printable Braille format. To raise awareness about the topic and reach a wider audience, EGED will also organize panel discussions and promotional activities that will introduce the online library.

Project Name: Accessible Notes (Engelsiz Nota)

Contribution: 67.200 TL

Grant Period: 27 December 2019 – 26 December 2020

Music for Peace Foundation (Barış için Müzik) was established in 2005 to eliminate barriers for all children to take part in an artistic life and to make arts education accessible for all. They aim to positively transform the lives of children and their families through free music education. Part of the international El Sistema network, Barış için Müzik establishes orchestras and choirs from disadvantaged children helping them increase their self-confidence and improve the quality of their lives.

Meltem Göçer Fund will support “Accordion Class” and “Youth Choir” groups where children are trained in instrument groups, choirs and orchestras on the basis of crucial values such as respect for different sounds, collective work, and solidarity. Over 50 children will receive free music courses for 5 months and will perform two concerts organised for friends and families.

Project Name: Works that Make You Smile: Accordion Class and Youth Choir (Gülümseten İşler: Akordeon Sınıfı ve Gençlik Korosu)

Contribution: 55.000 TL

Grant Period: 27 December 2019 – 15 May 2020

Thanks to your help and support, Meltem will continue to touch the lives of others.