Announcing 7 new direct grants from our Earthquake Emergency Relief Fund

We announced 7 new direct grants provided as part of our Kahramanmaras Earthquake Emergency Relief Fund:

With the grant support of £30,083, Colourful Hopes Association will create safe spaces for children in Adiyaman, provide psychosocial support to children aged 5-18 living in the city centre, villages and tent areas, and conduct awareness-raising activities and workshops with the participation of the children and their caregivers for 12 months.

With the grant support of £25,000, Kırkayak Culture, Art and Nature Association will distribute shopping cards with a balance of TRY 1,000 to 400 families living in Gaziantep, following a needs assessment. In addition, the association will provide formula, supplementary food and diapers to 300 children under the age of 2.

With the grant support of £25,000, Mimoza Women’s Association will distribute shopping cards with a balance of TRY 1,000 for 6 months to 65 families who have arrived in Mersin from earthquake-affected areas and support women’s well-being by providing psychosocial support with a social worker.

With the grant support of £33,250, Youth Approaches to Health Association will install 2 water tanks and distribute 1000 water cans in Hatay to ensure access to clean water, install washing machines and dryers, distribute 2000 menstrual products and 500 packs of underwear to young women, and set up a tent where awareness-raising activities about sexual and reproductive health and rights will be conducted.

With the grant support of £30,600, Child Studies Association will provide psychosocial support to 240 children, to contribute to their rehabilitation, with a mobile team consisting of a social worker and a child development specialist in the container home and tent areas in Adiyaman.

With the grant support of £20,833, Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts Instrument Support Fund will meet the musical instrument needs of students studying in the music departments of fine arts high schools and conservatories in the earthquake-affected regions, as well as instructors working in related departments, whose instruments have been damaged in the earthquakes.

With the grant support of £25,000, Lotus Women’s Solidarity and Life Association will continue with the second phase of its Empowerment of Women in the Disaster Area project, which was initially supported by our Small Grants Program. The association will provide the necessary materials for production in the villages to support women’s economic empowerment, ensure women’s access to psychosocial support, and provide the continuing essential needs of women and children (hygiene materials, food, clothing, shoes, etc.) following a needs assessment.

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